Magnetic Magic

Magnetic Magic

Hori & Noa at Horseshoe Bay May 2013. It feels like last year!



The sound of the world making sense?

Just caught the amazing Lego exhibit at Fed Square “The Art of the Brick “ by taleneted artist Nathan Sawaya In the write up Sawaya refers to the immense comfort & satisfaction of the snap of Lego bricks as they click together which he refers to as “the sound of the World making sense for one brief moment” I like this & I like those snap moments whether it be from connecting with the right person at the right time in the right situation etc..(you know that strange synchronicity that often occurs & we usually don’t stop to analyse it too much) or the feeling of everything happening for a reason. Enough deep thought, I have thoroughly enjoyed the creative endevours of many others this winter. Highlights have included the Forrest Fire Fest on the Saturday before Winter Solstice. Watching a performance by talented local crew in amazing & colorful costumes with a seasonal story they wrote themselves & fire twirling (& fire-eating) to boot!
The Friday Art Group in Forrest lovingly referred to as the FART group by resident wag Pete, always provide a sense of creative inspiration & support. Our sensitive & steady teacher Salvina & the wide mish mash of folk who go into making it a fun creative Friday family.We shared our end of semester work with each other last week & I would love to put any or all of it up in my home -thats if I could find another square inch of wallspace 🙂 More photos to come!
Whilst in Melbourne I also had a catch up with my old fiend Nic who allowed me precious time on my own to visit the Monash Gallery whilst she & the boys took in a movie & EB Games.The spacious grounds at Wheeler’s Hill were a delight to wander in the brisk winter afternoon & soon I was immersed inside in photographic splendours –exhibitions by Anton Bruehl 1920’s – 1950’s & Prudence Murphy contemporary study “boys with guns”.Another Lego snap moment in that I realised all art forms feed our soul, & ,no matter the time period,or culture all people who create are linked by that urge to capture the unique aspects of their life experience which also connect us? Don’t know if that makes sense to you ? Anyhow essentially I want you to see for yourself more photos in my Flicker account if you want to take a look . So for anyone who chances across this page before next weekend, come & join a team of creative women at work at the Horden Vale Hall – 3220 Horden Vale Road from 10am Sat 16th July bring food to share for lunch & instruments.Flyer & artwork attached by gorgeous earth mother Kate who has organised this community gathering and we can stop or maybe start making sense together.Womens wellness workshop Jul 2011

Amy’s Truth Fairy please check this out

The Truth Fairy (by Mission Amy KR) from Amy Krouse Rosenthal on Vimeo.

A Great Idea from Etsy Blog this Handmade Life

The Laundromat Project from The Quotidian on Vimeo.

African Drumming

Yesterday I went into Apollo Bay P-12 school & drummed with a group of middle school boys. Kim the school nurse & I have been doing this most Tuesday lunchtimes for about 18months. We now have a lovely new set of drums from African Drumming in St Kilda (check them out if you ever need a djembe). My friend Fran in Forrest can also make you a personalised handmade drum if you’re after something more unique & local though. Anyway, the boys all now have drums & we can make a big sound together, keep in time, change our tempo & volume & improvise rhythms over the top of a couple of steady beats. Last year 4 of the boys performed at the end of year music concert a song called Griot which is from West Africa. We now have enough drums for 8 to play and the school owns most of them. Apollo Bay Arts generously donated a drum last year to get us started & I house this at my home & learn from a disc & book by Simon Fraser from the African Drumming Shop.I am really impressed with the energy these guys put into their music and our circle has a nice feel to it. I think we’ll be getting more drummers as time goes on.
Drumming grounds me & energises my soul like singing & dancing – what things float your boat??

Friends Felt Great Together

FELT according to the Encarta online dictionary is a transitive verb to make wool or hair into felt fabric, is a fabric made from wool or animal hair by compressing, heating, or treating the fibres with chemicals, intransitive verb to become matted, or come to resemble felt or a past tense for the word feel.I would like to share how I felt about that the felt workshop I facilitated at Marrar Woorn last Sunday. I enjoyed the time meeting some new & old friends and feel we all felted beautifully becoming intertwined in each others life for a few hours.I am planning another Sunday workshop Term 2 where we will further explore the creating of three-dimensional wet felt shapes & pictures from needle felt. Quite a few of the participants in the class “felt” they would like to continue with the wet felt form they made, embellishing it and maybe making it into something like a journal cover, purse or a wall hanging etc..
I have attached a few photos of their beautiful work & busy hands. I wish I had some photos to share of the finished needlefelt works. Please forward them on to my email address to post for others to see if you can, I’d love to see how you’ve progressed. Until we cross paths entangle & felt with each other again I wish you all fine fleeces, rainbows of colour and puncture free fingertips, Lyndi


Summer School Holidays

A dot point version of What’s been happening since Spring here:-
We just celebrated the New Year with family friends food & sunshine!!
Cert 2 in Vis Arts & contemporary Art finished up with a great unit on colour at the end of the year.
I was totally spoilt with love attention & presents this festive season
The boys are growing up & still enjoying hanging out together a lot
Makulu Sunrise house is for sale & the shop will close in 2011
We survived all the Christmas Pavs & huge Ham (Ham is in its bag in the fridge – getting smaller as the summer school holidays progress)
A few families at our playgroup have new babies!! Well done all can’t wait for lots of cuddles in 2011.Our Playgroup is moving to the Uniting Church Hall after 5 years at Apollo Bay Youth Club big clean & sort next Wed 12th at 10am ALL WELCOME
The boys & I saw the Myer windows & ran around the inner city for less than 24 hours in the week leading up to Christmas including a visit up to the Skydeck, the Witches shop & Haig’s choclate
My brother nearly has a new house in Point Cook
My mum has 2 new knees & can now walk without pain 🙂
My dad’s heart is still ticking well & has grown a few of its own bypasses!
I now subscribe to Whip up newsletter
Spoonful Zine
Craft Sanity Magazine they have some great podcasts to listen to about craft business here is a link to one about Emily Martin from Black Apple on Etsy its long but a good listen whilst your typing a response or emailing moi 🙂
The Australian Forum for Textile Arts journal TEXTILE Thanks to my neighbour Sal for this lovely addition to my Library!
and I’ve started a circle on my Etsy page I find all my favourite items & shops in their Daily Treasury of Etsy Finds posted to my Inbox.
Looking forward to being more creative, active & centred in the year ahead (resolutions can & will be broken if I want a lazy couch potato day in my pjs however)
Respond below & share any new year resolutions you’re putting out there.Come on Morgan I want more photos on your blog too!
NEWSFLASH ! I sold a mixed media work of a red tree screen print (like the one above) with green watercolour leaves & ground yesterday at Apollo Bay Art Show .Yipee my first art sale Thanks Vanessa & Grace 🙂

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